“At The Coaching Maverick … We teach ‘the joy’ of loving what you do.” 

Jeff Cartwright

“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell: 

“The Law of the Lid: Your leadership is like a lid or a ceiling on your organization. Your church or your business will not rise beyond that level your leadership allows. That’s why when a corporation or team needs to be fixed, they fire the leader.” 

The Coaching Maverick has studied John Maxwell’s teachings for 25 years. We understand that a manager/leader must first ‘lead self’ and ‘develop self’, if they want their teams to grow and develop beyond expectations. The Maverick is equipped to “grow the leaders”, so that they in turn grow their team members, which increases the ‘job joy’ of every employee. That will begin the ‘culture’ of striving for sustainable customer loyalty. 

Become a Better Leader

  • Front Line Manager/Supervisor Training 

  • Recruiting/Interviewing/Hiring  Specific Talents

  • Adapting Leadership Style to Employee Competence and Commitment Levels

  • Study/Teach/Nurture Your Top Performers

  • Conducting Compassionate Feedback

  • ‘The Art of Tough Love’ 

  • Inspiring Self Development and High Performance

  • Business & Personal Goal Setting